Funerals on Red Pheasant impacted by pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant multitudes of changes to wakes and funerals across the continent.

This is no different for Red Pheasant First Nation, which has announced a wake and funeral protocol in keeping with the state of emergency restrictions.

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According to a notice posted on their Facebook page, Red Pheasant is only allowing a one-day wake and the following day will be the funeral.

The Saskatchewan Regional Medical Officer has suggested the following:

Having a sign in sheet for tracking purposes in event of an outbreak;

Strongly encouraging those with underlying health concerns or ill to not attend as they are at high risk for this virus;

If touching the body or relatives, they encourage handwashing immediately following the proper hand hygiene protocols;

Limit the number of people in the building to 10 and increase social distance between people ideally two metres;

Eliminate the self-serve buffet style seating.


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