Heritage Saskatchewan launches photo contest

Submitted by Saskatchewan Heritage 

This summer, we are encouraging everyone in Saskatchewan to get in touch with the culture and heritage around them. Until Sept. 8, we will be accepting photo submissions of our province, its people, buildings, and natural beauty. We have developed five categories that encourage photographers to see the world through the lens of living heritage:

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Living Heritage: Like our DNA, we inherit our living heritage – those values, beliefs, and ways of living received from past generations that we use to understand the present and make choices for the future. It defines our sense of identity as individuals and our relationships with others, shaping our communities and our quality of life. In this category, we want to see images of what you value and recognize as your living heritage – from the way your grandmother kneads bread, to the symbols embedded in powwow regalia, as two examples! Watch our video about living heritage.

Living Heritage (Youth Category - Submissions from ages 18 and under): As the next generation of heritage stewards, we invite our province’s youth to capture the living heritage you see around you. As a young person in Saskatchewan, show us what parts of your living heritage matter to you!

Our Urban Places:  Our buildings, infrastructure, and how we interact with the built world are all a part of our heritage. We want to see photographs in this category of streetscapes, buildings, and unique views of town and city life that demonstrate why these places are special to us.

Landscape and Nature: Saskatchewan’s landscape and its nature not only provide beautiful photographic subjects, but also represent an important part of our living heritage. Our climate and geography determine how we live, tell our stories, and anchor us in place. Aim to represent Saskatchewan’s unique and diverse natural assets – from the ways we use and alter our environment to live and work, to the untouched, pristine beauty of our province’s wild places.

COVID-19 Culture: Show us how culture and heritage have played a role during the changes brought by the pandemic, whether in your personal life or in your community. Have you used cultural heritage to help cope with the pandemic? Has COVID-19 created new cultural markers?

Visit our website to enter a photo, check out prizes, and to view our entry gallery.

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