Hwy 4 passing lanes to get another layer of asphalt

Some nearby roads will see updates due to provincial and federal funding, although drivers might not realize the benefit of the roadwork for a couple years.

The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan issued a press release Monday stating about $81 million will go toward road projects, mostly on highways.

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Crews will repave 14 kms of Highway 4 between North Battleford and Cochin, 11 kms of eastbound lanes of Highway 16 west of Paynton to Maidstone, 24 kms of westbound lanes along Highway 16 between Waseca and Marshall, and 8 kms of eastbound lanes along Highway 16 east of Delmas.

Doug Wakabayashi of the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure said final paving work needs to be completed on Highway 4’s passing lanes. Last year, crews “got the first layer of asphalt down before the freeze up,” Wakabayashi said, and said passing lanes should be completed this construction season.

“What you’ll see this year is the work we did last year,” Wakabayashi said, adding recent funding will go toward paving 14 kms of Highway 4, to be completed in 2022.

The passing lanes, Wakabayashi said, may appear rough to drivers and “it might not ride the greatest,” as work on the passing lanes isn’t finished yet.

The roadwork west of Paynton, Wakabayashi said, and the roadwork near Delmas, is scheduled to be complete in the upcoming construction season.

Updated roadwork between Waseca and Marshall is scheduled to be done in 2021, Wakabayashi said.

Funding will also go toward paving highways near Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina and small towns.



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