Ice fishing shelters north of Highway 16 must be removed March 31

EAST CENTRAL — An important deadline is fast approaching for ice fishers: removing their ice fishing shelters.

The provincial environment ministry said shelters located on water bodies south of Highway 16 must be removed by March 15, while those north of the highway must be removed by March 31.

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“Every year, ice fishing shelters are abandoned on the ice,” said the ministry in its release. “When the ice melts, these can pose a danger to boaters, water-skiers and others enjoying our lakes. Pieces of abandoned shelters can also wash up on shore, causing environmental hazards.”

Structures must be moved to a location where they can be loaded and transported to the owner's residence or property. Litter must also be removed when ice shelters are removed from the ice.

If shelters are not removed, owners may be prosecuted by the province and the structure and contents may be moved off the ice and confiscated.

The environment ministry is also warning those travelling on the ice to extreme caution. 

“Slush indicates that ice is eroding from above and below at an advanced rate. Changing temperatures can cause thermal cracks and pressure ridges, which are indicators of unsafe conditions.”

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