Interviews with WW II veterans sought

Eric Brunt, a graduate of the film production program at the University of British Columbia, is working on a documentary about Canada in the Second World War.

Brunt says he was inspired by his grandfather, Clifford Brunt, who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war. He passed away just after his 95th birthday, and Brunt says he regrets not having recorded the stories his grandfather told him growing up. Brunt decided to make a film about his grandfather’s generation and what they experienced.

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To date Brunt has interviewed 61 veterans across British Columbia and Alberta and is now moving on to Saskatchewan.

He will be in North Battleford in mid-June as he travels across the country this summer with his ultimate destination being St. John’s, Nfld.

In the fall he will be putting together the documentary about the last Canadian Second World War veterans from the footage he captures.

He is seeking veterans to interview and can be contacted at 1-778-714-0071 or

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