Issue raised of CSOs after hours calls

The issue of how community safety officers could be reached after hours was raised at a meeting of North Battleford city council sitting as the Planning Committee on Monday.

The issue was raised by Councillor Thomas “Bill” Ironstand in response to an email from a local resident about problems he was having contacting the CSOs after hours. He wanted to make sure those calls go “somewhere instead of nowhere.”

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In response, City Director of Protective Services Lindsay Holm said he had spoken with the individual that afternoon and noted an issue regarding calls, and particular how calls are taken after hours.

Holm noted that calls during the after hours time would be answered by the provincial call centre or dispatch center. Holm said he would review the issue with their dispatch centre to make sure those calls aren’t being dropped off. If it is something that needs to be handled by the RCMP, they will make sure those calls are directed to them.

“I want to make sure that if they are experiencing something like that that they get the service they require,” said Holm.

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