Keeping in touch with a centenarian during a pandemic

The family of a centenarian residing at River Heights Lodge in North Battleford says he may not get to see them in person, but he is staying safe and doing well and speaks with them on the phone several times a day for short chats. On June 12, 2020, a cloudy, warm but very windy day, 16 nieces, nephews and one cousin appeared on the lawn of River Heights Lodge, North Battleford, with balloons, cake and a sign poster wishing Willie Neale a Happy 100th Birthday. On the inside he had his individual angel food cake and was joined by his friends Linda Ulmer and Jackie Alm, a cousin, and Keisha, a masked care worker. One by one we wished him well by phone. The speaker phone was on and Willie had his amplifier/headset on to listen with. The decorated cake held up by June (daughter) and the sign made by Colleen Smith, a niece, and held by another niece, Margaret Parkinson, a picture was taken with his son Terry talking to him. All that can be seen of Willie is his shoes. Another picture of him was taken with Keisha. The party continued with serving of the cake and the drinks they brought from home and chairs of their own. Social distancing was observed.

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