Ken Finlayson's Conservative bid vetoed by party

The Conservative nomination bid of Ken Finlayson is over before the nomination meetings even begin in Battlefords-Lloydminster.

Finlayson confirmed in a post on his campaign's Facebook page that his candidacy has been rejected by the party. He will not be on the Conservative nomination ballot at the meetings to be held in Unity, Lloydminster and North Battleford this Friday and Saturday.

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Five other candidates -- Aron Klassen, Rosemarie Falk, Bernie Morton, Richard Andrew Nelson and John Hildebrand -- will be.

The indication is that Finlayson's candidacy did not survive the vetting process that the Conservatives have in place for nomination candidates.

According to Finlayson’s Facebook post from Wednesday afternoon, he had been on a conference call with Conservative officials on Tuesday night, which included members of the local nomination committee, the head of the Conservative Party in Saskatchewan and the national office.  

“They asked me questions to see if I was a suitable candidate for the Conservative nomination in Battlefords – Lloydminster. Fair enough,” stated Finlayson.

“Turns out I’m not.”

According to Finlayson’s post, he believes the real reason is he was not enough of a team player for the party.

“You see I’m not a “trained seal”, I ask hard questions, I take principled stands from which I don’t shrink from on issues I feel strongly about regardless of how uncomfortable they might be. All of which are the antithesis of a real “Politician”.

They have a code word for it in political speak; Its called , “team player” , it really just means “trained seal”.

Clap when your told, bark when your told, stand when your told, sit down when your told and shut up when your told.”

The reaction on Facebook from his supporters ranged from disappointment to outrage, with many supporters calling on Finlayson to run as an independent.   

“I’ll have more to say in the days and weeks ahead,” Finlayson stated.

He also quoted John Paul Jones: “I have only just begun to fight.”     

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