Law firm rebranding part of local trend

What’s in a name? Another long-established local law firm has decided to ditch the names of the partners in its branding by going with a new regionally-focused title.

The former Demmans Baldwin Friedman Frank firm, also known as “DBF Law,” has rebranded as “Battle River Law.”

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This is not the first local law firm to do away with names in a rebranding effort.

The former Holm Meiklejohn Lawrence firm rebranded as Matrix Law Group in 2017. That change coincided with their move to a new office building on 101st Street as well as the addition of lawyers Eldon Lindgren and Brent Illingworth.

Another 101st Street law firm, Richard Gibbons Law Office, rebranded to Norsasklaw, which reflects its sub-offices in St. Walburg, Maidstone, Paradise Hill and Wilkie. 

For Battle River Law, located on 102nd Street, their name change coincides with the retirement of Stew Demmans and the elevation of Mitchell Cooper and Michelle Spence to the partnership, joining existing partners Jeff Baldwin and Aaron Friedman. According to their website, Ivan Frank also retired from practice in June but has stayed on as an advisor to the firm.

The firm also opened a new office this month in Unity in addition to existing offices in North Battleford and Turtleford.

In a news release, Cooper states the new name makes sense given their regional reach.

“Battle River Law is an appropriate name for our firm as the river runs from Battleford through the Northwest of the province,” said Cooper. “Our firm has traditionally provided legal services to Northwest Saskatchewan and with our new Unity office and new partners, we felt this name change was appropriate at this time.”

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