Loraas: Sick? Put recyclables in garbage bin

Loraas Environmental Services has announced a series of guidelines, put in place for their customers in North Battleford and Kindersley to protect the health and safety of collectors who handle thousands of receptacles a week and who physically sort recyclables.

The following are guidelines for safe waste disposal during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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If you are sick please place any items that has come into contact with your mouth, nose, eyes or hands in a bag and into the garbage — even items that you normally place into your blue card or bin, such as water beverage bottles, yogurt containers, milk, juice, cartons, etc.

Bag garbage securely and place it into your black wastecart. Do not place garbage loosely in your cart.

Recyclable items should be placed loosely into your blue recycling cart excluding potentially contaminated recyclables mentioned above. Ensure recyclables are clean and not food soiled.

Ensure accessible cart placement (four feet between cars or obstacles) to avoid manual handling by collectors.

Cart lids must be fully closed to prevent windblown items. Items placed outside of the carts will not be collected.

Used tissues and disposable clean products, i.e. wipes, should be placed into a bag then into your black garbage cart only.

Cleaning products and aerosols with warning labels should not be placed into your recycling cart. Please hold onto these items and use a household hazard collection day program if available in your community.

For excess garbage recycling or organic waste the Loraas transfer station in Battleford will remain open to the public — for details on hours visit loraasenviro.ca.

Offices will be closed to the public, but a representative will be able to assist you at 306-445-3900.

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