Major ice damage along Jackfish shores

Some major shoreline ice damage is being seen this week in the area of Cochin.

The ice damage is being seen along the Jackfish Lake shoreline including the Chatfield West, Hunt’s Cove and Day’s Beach area. 

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Some photos from the area have been posted on Facebook and show considerable impacts from the ice heaving, with decks being pushed back, sheds tipped over and other items damaged.

Cochin council has issued its comments to residents on the emergency on Feb. 24. In that statement they noted that “ice being pushed up along the Jackfish Lake shoreline in Cochin has caused and is causing serious and significant damage to decks, buildings and stored boat lifts.”

The same thing was happening along Chatfield West beach, they stated, and they noted some residents had made application to the Water Security Agency for emergency permits to allow large equipment to pull ice back from the shoreline, with Elliott Excavating undertaking the work. They also reported that the Water Security Agency was expediting applications.

The resort village further stated on Feb. 25 that the work authorized only related to pulling the ice back from the lake and doesn't authorize reconfiguring the shoreline by removing soil, dirt, or sand or other material. As well, even if the Water Security Agency issues a permit, no remedial permit may commence without a development permit being applied for and issued by the Resort Village of Cochin. The full details can be found at the resort village’s Facebook page.


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