NBCSH students to enjoy Shad experience


Jenna Humenny and Rowan Tkatchuk, both students of North Battleford Comprehensive High School’s International Baccalaureate Program, are excited for their new adventure this summer. Both girls have been accepted to Shad Canada. Shad Canada is a STEAM and entrepreneurship program for students in Grades 10 and 11.

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Shad’s website states, “Shad Canada’s program attracts students with high aptitudes for risk taking, curiosity, excellence and resilience, and prepares them to take on social and economic challenges. The month-long program includes a real-world design challenge that asks students to work on issues such as food security, water management and waste.”

Both Rowan and Jenna say that they are excited to experience a university campus out of province.

“Shad tends to send participants far from home to experience a university, in a different community in an unfamiliar province. Rowan and I will also not be sent to the same place,” Jenna says.

This does not seem to bother the ladies who say they are just very excited for the opportunity.

The girls will find out some time in March where they will be off to in July.

Meeting new friends and experiencing university life is high on the list. Both Jenna and Rowan are planning to attend university and eventually work in some aspect of the medical field.

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