North Battleford gets airport grant, will complete runway project

North Battleford will be able to complete its final phase main runway rehabilitation this year with news of matching funding from the province.

The province has included Cameron McIntosh Airport as part of its $1.5 million investment in airports across Saskatchewan under the Community Airport Partnership program.

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The funds go towards infrastructure upgrades at community airports around the province, with a total of 15 airports receiving funding this year.

The share for North Battleford is $135,000 towards the final phase of resurfacing main runway 12-30 at the airport. That represents half of the cost-share of the airport project, with the city being on the hook for the other 50 percent.

The project is already a go for 2020. The city had already earmarked its funding in the 2020 budget. Last week they had approved the tender to G&C Asphalt in anticipation of the provincial funding; the tender was part of the overall roadways contract for the city this year.

The multi-year multi-phase main runway project began construction in 2016 and received CAP funding in four out of the five years that the city had applied.

Once the main runway project is completed the city can turn its attention to other needs at the airport. The secondary crosswinds runway is currently closed due to safety concerns and there has been discussion about moving ahead with upgrades to that runway in future years once the main runway is completed.

Other area airports are getting funds as well. The Maidstone airport is receiving $5,926.17 for crack seal of the runway, taxiway and apron. Unity airport is getting $88,450 for runway resurfacing.

The province’s funding of the CAP program is considerably larger in 2020 than in previous years.

The program received a 21 per cent funding boost in March in the province’s estimates, and then in May an additional $660,000 was added as part of its stimulus funds package in response to the pandemic.

“Community and regional airports contribute to our economy by supporting vital public services like Saskatchewan’s Air Ambulance, law enforcement and fire suppression,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Greg Ottenbreit said in a news release.  “These projects will be completed this year, providing an immediate boost to communities as we begin to reopen our economy.”

Other projects receiving CAP funding this year include:

Esterhazy – $5,883 for runway and apron repairs,

Humboldt – $12,500 for relocating power lines,

Kindersley – $9,000 for crack filling runway and apron, surface repairs to taxiway,

Leader – $36,172.50 for crack repair and slurry seal,

Maple Creek - $43,965 for runway sealing,

Melfort – $275,000 for full rehabilitation of apron,

Moosomin – $275,000 for Phase Two of runway construction,

Prince Albert – $241,500 for Taxiway F edge lighting, pull-pits, and information sign, Taxiway B installation of storm sewer and catch basins,

Rockglen – $5,000 bring airport back into service,

Swift Current – $275,000 for paint markings, major rehabilitation of asphalt surfaces,

Weyburn – $72,500 for full rehabilitation of main runway,

Wynyard – $45,000 for repair cracks, slurry seal and paint markings.


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