North Battleford intersection agreement change reflects urban reserve development plans

There has been a change to the agreement between the City of North Battleford and Red Pheasant First Nation covering intersection upgrades.

The original agreement between the city and Red Pheasant was to upgrade and expand traffic capacity at 13th Avenue and Territorial Drive, including lighting and signaling upgrades.

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Monday night, council authorized the execution of a new agreement amending the location to 15th Avenue and Territorial Drive, as well as the accompanying municipal services and compatibility agreement for the urban reserve. The change of location reflects where development is planned to take place.

There was some discussion about potential traffic impacts along Territorial Drive should the intersection go ahead. Councillor Kelli Hawtin asked director of planning and development Jennifer Niesink about those impacts.

Niesink responded that as part of this agreement a traffic impact study would be done for that intersection.

“We don’t foresee any significant major impact,” Niesink said.  

The original intersection agreement, and municipal services and compatibility agreement, were signed by North Battleford and Red Pheasant at a ceremony at Chapel Gallery on Jan. 26, 2010.

North Battleford mayor Ian Hamilton and Red Pheasant Chief Sheldon Wuttunee were  involved in that signing, with the agreements covering 346 acres of urban reserve land. At the time it was considered the largest urban reserve agreement in the province of Saskatchewan.

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