Province announces airports funding for 2021

The province has announced it is investing $1.5 million in the Community Airport Partnership (CAP) program for 2021-22.

Unfortunately none of the funding is going to North Battleford, which had received funding in previous years to complete its runway rehabiliation. Instead, the funds will be supporting 19 other community airports around the province.

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This is matching funding by the province; combined with the municipal contributions the investment will come to an overall $3 million, according to a provincial news release.   

This funding will provide improvements to 19 community airports around the province.  When combined with local matching dollars, CAP represents a $3 million investment in provincial airport infrastructure. There will also be another intake of applications in the fall for the remaining funds left over.

"As a commercial pilot myself, I know of the benefit these investments will have on some of our more rural and remote communities," Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said in a news release.  "These revitalization and rehabilitation projects will bring some much needed upgrades to some of our community airports and runways, leading to better usage and reliability for medical, emergency and transportation services to all regions of the province."

The CAP helps municipal airports offset the costs of rehabilitation, construction and infrastructure improvements by providing cost-shared grants, up to a maximum of $275,000.  So far, 20 applications from 19 communities have been approved, totalling $1.26 million in funding from each partner:

The biggest projects are at Moose Jaw airport for rehabilitation of existing taxiways and a portion of the apron for $275,000: new paved, lit runway with new taxiway and apron at Moosomin airport and plans for Area Navigation (RNAV) and AWOS  for a total of $275,000; runway rehabilitation and airfield signage upgrades at Swift Current airport, valued at $167,500; runway windsock and end markers and addition of a buried wildlife fence to the airport perimeter fence at the Prince Albert airport valued at $106,650; as well as a drainage survey, culvert repair and assessment of the surface condition at the La Ronge airport, valued at $105,000.

In the northwest area, Luseland airport is getting funds for crack filling on runway and apron for $47,699.

Other projects are as follows according to the province’s news release:

Carlyle: Runway slurry seal, repaint runway lines and numbers and add ceilometer to Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) - $33,911;

Esterhazy: Crack seal and slurry seal on runway  - $5,883;

Estevan: New fence posts and wire  - $37,750;

Kindersley: Replace runway lighting and crack sealing on runway - $36,715;

Kipling: Weather data instrumentation - $10,280;

Leader: Line markings and numbers on runway and aprons - $5,453;

Maple Creek: Painting lines and numbers on the runway - $4,240;

Melfort: Construction of two new taxiways, excavation of existing taxiway - $26,350;

RM of Eldon No. 471:  Crack seal on runway, taxiway and apron - $5,664;

RM of Snipe Lake No. 259: Crack seal and slurry on runway, taxiway and apron - $50,350;

Shaunavon: Replacement of airport beacon light - $3,500;

Wynyard: Recapping taxiway and apron - $16,738; and

Yorkton: Crack seal on pavement and new anchor stakes - $50,379.

"Community and regional airports are important and valuable assets to the regions they serve, assuring critical medical service as well as driving economic growth," Saskatchewan Aviation Council President Janet Keim said in a news release.  "The Saskatchewan Aviation Council applauds the Saskatchewan Government for continuing to support the CAP program, assisting communities in maintaining and improving infrastructure at their airport."

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