Province releases list of critical public and business services

The province had just released a new and comprehensive list of “critical public services and business services” that are allowed to continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The list, which is lengthy, includes health care and public health workers; law enforcement, public safety and first responders; production, processing and manufacturing and the supporting supply chains; transportation and logistics; government and community services; media and telecommunications; construction including maintenance and repair; select retail services; and banking and financial services.

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What follows below is the full list of services identified by the province.

Health Care and Public Health Workers

Services include:

 Occupations in health and social services

 Pre‐hospital and emergency services (i.e. paramedics, dispatchers)

 Private professional resources offices (health network)

 Pharmacies

 Dentistry (emergency services)

 Optometry (emergency services)

 Physiotherapy (emergency services)

 Laboratories and specimen collection centres

 Caregivers

 Medical facilities (emergency services)

 Businesses that provide products and/or services that support the health sector or that provide health services

 Private seniors’ residences and services

 Home services for seniors, the disabled and the vulnerable

 Specialized resources in accommodation (i.e. domestic violence, homelessness, addictions)

 811 and 911 call centre workers

 Canadian Red Cross

 Canadian Blood Services

 Production, supply and distribution of drugs, vaccines and pharmaceutical goods and medical equipment, including laboratory and research centres

Law Enforcement, Public Safety and First Responders

Services include:

 Police services, including the distribution of emergency calls

 Fire services

 Corrections

 Special constables

 Security agencies

 Legal and professional services that support the legal and justice system

 Civil security, coroners and pathology

 Forest firefighters and all types of professionals supporting civil security operations

 Courthouse (staff required to maintain minimum operations)

 Communication services

 Professional and social services that support the legal and justice system

 911 call centre workers

 Hazardous material responders from government and the private sector

 Workers, including contracted vendors, who maintain digital infrastructure supporting law enforcement and emergency service options

Government and Community Services

Services include:

 Educators and support staff for emergency child care

 Online higher education

 Training related to jobs and critical public services

 Providers of goods and services for vulnerable citizens

 Food inspection

 Waste collection/disposal

 Air ambulance, STARS

 Suicide prevention services

 Support services for victims of domestic violence

 Income security and social security

 All utilities (i.e. power, gas, water/wastewater, telephone) and service providers

 Resources deemed essential by the municipalities (i.e. administration, public workers, etc.)

 Animal shelters

Allowable Business Services

Production, Processing and Manufacturing and the Supporting Supply Chains

Services include:

 Production, processing and supply chains of the mining sector

 Production, processing and supply chains of the forestry sector

 Production, processing and supply chains of the energy and oil and gas sectors

 Production, processing and supply chains of the agriculture sector, including animal care

 Production, processing and supply chains of the manufacturing sector

 Businesses, facilities and services that support and carry‐out the two‐way movement of essential goods within integrated North American and Global supply chains

Transportation and Logistics

Services include:

 Public transport and transport of people

 Airports and any associated maintenance workers

 Transport, storage and distribution of goods

 Road construction and maintenance

 Service stations and mechanical repair of motor vehicles, trucks and specialized equipment for industries

 Taxis, ridesharing and paratransit services

 Postal, courier and parcel delivery services

 Businesses engaged in or supporting the operation, maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure (i.e. railways, dams, bridges, highways, erosion control structures, etc.)

Media and Telecommunications

Services include:

 Telecommunications (network and equipment)

 Cable distributors

 Information Communication Technology

 National media

 Local media

Construction Including Maintenance and Repair

Services include:

 Construction firms

 Services performed by trades people, residential and commercial installation services and landscaping services

 Rental equipment

 Building maintenance, repair and housekeeping

Retail Services

Services include:

 Grocery and other food stores

 Pharmacies

 Convenience stores

 Hardware, home supply and appliance stores

 Funeral homes, cremation and cemeteries

 Restaurants (take out or delivery only)

 Hotels, motels, shared rental units and similar facilities, including student residences

 Cleaners, drycleaners and laundromats

 Medical supplies and services

 Pet food stores and supplies

 Movers

 Work equipment (safety and protection)

 Automotive dealers, auto repair and autobody shops

 Stores selling beer, wine, liquor or cannabis products

 Gas stations, diesel, propane and heating fuel providers

 Businesses that supply office products and services

 Rental and leasing services

 Professional services including lawyers and para‐legals, engineers and translators

 Land registration services and real estate agent services

 Businesses providing security services including private security guards, monitoring or surveillance equipment and services

 Businesses providing staffing services, including temporary help

Banking and Financial Services

Services include:

 Financial services

 Insurance services

 Payroll services

 Accounting services

 Financial market services


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