Python scores victory at City Hall

It’s a win for a python seeking a home in North Battleford.

The snake has received approval from city council. They voted in favour of an application by two local residents to harbor the python as a pet in their home.

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The request was for an eight-year-old Ball Python snake by the name of Slinka. The proponents pledged to house Slinka in an enclosed glass aquarium, with a porous metal top that was properly secured.

The correspondence to council also outlined the care standards for the pet, including proper sanitation as well as record keeping.  

The application was for a licence as an “Exotic Animal” under the city’s animal control bylaws. Under the bylaw, all exotic animals to be harboured as pets must be approved by resolution of council on an individual basis.

The provisions also call for exotic animals to be registered by the owner at City Hall on payment of a registration fee, which is $250.

There is also a provision that the exotic animal “shall be maintained in a humane manner within the boundaries of the owner’s property and shall not be at large.”

It is not the first time that council has dealt with requests for unusual animals to be approved as pets in the city limits. Director of Utilities Stewart Schafer pointed out that a couple of years ago a request for a pot-bellied pig was approved.

“This is a little bit more exotic,” was the reaction from Councillor Greg Lightfoot. Schafer’s response was that the snake was “something I will definitely not be going to his house to go see.”  

While the application for a pet snake did raise eyebrows at City Hall, council seemed satisfied that the snake was being kept in a safe environment and would not pose problems.

“I can‘t see a problem with it myself,” said Lightfoot. “It’s certainly not a pet that I would have, but there are people who like snakes.”

The application received approval by a 5-1 vote.


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