Ryan Domotor wins Sask Party nomination in Cut Knife-Turtleford

The Sask Party in Cut Knife-Turtleford has nominated their candidate who they hope will replace Larry Doke as MLA in the next provincial election.

Winning the nomination was Ryan Domotor, a Turtleford resident who is the Chief Administrative Officer for the RM of Mervin. Domotor is also a former Turtleford deputy mayor and town councillor.

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Domotor defeated his only opponent, Don McCallum of Cut Knife, in a contested nomination vote that took place in Mervin Thursday night.

The chances of Domotor becoming the next MLA look very promising as Cut Knife-Turtleford is one of the electoral strongholds for the Saskatchewan Party in the province. The party has taken the seat in four elections in a row, and in the last election Doke won with 80 percent of the vote.   

In a news release Domotor cited the leadership of Scott Moe as his reasons for throwing his hat into the ring.

“Premier Moe has been so strong for our province as he’s stood up against the Trudeau carbon tax, supported pipelines, and advocated for our province’s industries and families,” said Domotor in a statement. “But in addition to these important immediate issues, Premier Moe has a long-term vision for Saskatchewan that I fully support. I’m really looking forward to joining his team after the 2020 election and working towards achieving that vision to the year 2030.”

The provincial election is scheduled for Oct. 26, 2020.  

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