Scam alert: Canada Revenue Agency/Service Canada calls

Battlefords RCMP are reporting they have taken a number of complaint calls from the public about an attempted scam in the area.

According to police, random calls are being made to phone numbers in which the caller identifies themselves as being either a representative for either the Canada Revenue Agency or Service Canada. They then tell the person that their Social Insurance Number has been compromised for fraudulent purposes and that they are currently under investigation by the RCMP.

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The caller then instructs the person to withdraw all their cash from the bank and that someone will call back, with a safe location so it can be deposited and secured. When the caller calls back later, the Battlefords RCMP number 306-446-1720 shows in the caller ID. 

Police say this is an attempted fraud and anyone receiving calls like this should hang up immediately and not speak with or provide any information to the caller. A number of computer programs and apps can allow fraudsters to appear as if they are calling from legitimate businesses and organizations. Police ask you to ensure that you are careful and highly suspicious of any unsolicited calls asking for personal information or money.

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