Town council agrees to barricade on 5th Ave. West

Enough is enough for Town Hall in Battleford, who have agreed to a barricade to prevent people cutting across the field at 5th Avenue West.

The field divides 5th Avenue between the Riverbend area to the north and 35th Street to the south. The main issue has been with vehicles cutting through the field from an entry point in the north end, onto a dirt path through the field to 35th Street and ultimately to Highway 4. Other vehicles cut through the path from 35th Street to get to Riverbend.

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There have been numerous complaints about vehicles being driven onto the field, according to Public Works Manager Eric Bilanski. Mayor Ames Leslie also told council that he had received a few calls from residents and RCMP about vehicles cutting through. There have also been issues with vehicles getting stuck in the field.

A few options had been considered, but in the end council agreed that six-by-six posts with cable running through them will be set up to barricade the field and prevent vehicles from going through.

The thinking is this will put an end to the issues. Council approved the barricade unanimously.


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