Town goes ahead with drones for bridge inspection

The town of Battleford is going ahead with the use of drones for the inspection work underneath the old Battleford bridges.

Council voted unanimously to authorize Associated Engineering to use Skyreel Aerial Imaging Inc. to use the drones, with the cost not to exceed $10,301.

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The drones would be used for the inspection of those had-to-reach areas underneath the two aging bridges on the North Saskatchewan River. The two bridges on either side of Finlayson Island are both deemed to be in poor condition.

The town had looked into the most cost-efficient ways to do the inspection work, and ultimately went ahead with the drone option at their Tuesday meeting.

Town chief administrative officer John Enns-Wind said at the meeting a local company had been invited to bid as well, but couldn’t meet the requirements. The indication they got from those conversations was that the price they were getting was a good one.


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