Town to pay for culvert replacements

A recently proposed culvert policy in Battleford has been changed and was passed at Monday’s town council meeting.

According to town CAO John Enns-Wind’s administrative report, some culverts in the town need replacing. Some of the culverts date back to the 1970s.

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Enns-Wind’s previous proposal for a culvert policy, which came to council in July, involved homeowners paying for the culverts. The town would determine when culverts would need replacing, and the price of materials, equipment and labour would range from $900 to $1,100.

At the last town council meeting, councillors said residents paying for the culvert work wasn’t justified.

Enns-Wind returned on Monday’s council meeting with a policy stating the town is to incur culvert replacement costs, which council approved.

The policy also says no replacement culverts along property street frontage are to be installed without a permit, and if culverts along property street frontage are installed without a permit, the culverts can be removed by the town.

Property owners who have driveways with surfaces other than gravel will be responsible for the replacement and cost of the resurfacing where the culvert is being removed or replaced, according to the policy, and property owners are also responsible for landscaping.

There are about 20 driveways that will need culverts replaced.


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