Under Our Skin, documentary on Lyme disease, screens at the North Battleford Library

The Saskatchewan Lyme Disease, Vector Borne and Zoonotic Illness Association screened Under Our Skin, a documentary exploring the issue of chronic Lyme disease, at the North Battleford Public Library Wednesday last week.

Janet Sittler is treasurer of the organization, and the News-Optimist recently interviewed her for a story on the subject. She said the documentary “explains the controversy behind Lyme, what the problems are, and why people aren’t able to get help.”

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Diane Cawood, vice-president of the organization, said the documentary explains how chronic Lyme disease has “been treated economically and politically as opposed to medically and scientifically.”

A documentary has a sequel, which is set seven years later from the first film. Sittler called the sequel “a film of hope, in my eyes.”

“People get better and people find their way through the system,” Sittler said.

The mainstream medical community is skeptical of the existence of chronic Lyme disease. Some researchers who raise doubts say they need more evidence. Lyme disease is tricky because its symptoms could be indicative of other illnesses.

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