Vada Paskemin, another new citizen needing community help

Vada Paskemin was born June 20, 2019, in North Battleford, with two heart defects.

Brittany Paskemin, Vada’s mother, says “There was no indication that Vada had two heart defects before she was born via a scheduled c-section.”

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She wasn’t showing any colour or crying, says her mom, and a few days later she was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot and atrioventricular canal defect. Vada was rushed to Royal University Hospital. She then was sent to Edmonton.

On Sept. 4, Vada underwent an eight-hour open heart surgery and, because of complications during the surgery, they had to place a permanent pacemaker, also. A few days later, Vada needed another surgery. She spent two months in the hospital in Edmonton before being able to return to RUH.

She eventually was discharged from RUH and went home, but just over a week later, she got a lung infection and began torun  a fever of 41 degrees. She was also vomiting. They went to Battlefords Union Hospital but were told they couldn’t provide the care Vada needed and said Jimmy Pattison Children’s Hospital is where the family needed to go.

They were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House while Vada was there.

Wednesday, Vada was discharged from the hospital. She is still on oxygen and being tube-fed. Brittany and Rene, Vada’s parents, now concentrate on caring for Vada as well as the four other children they have at home. Brittany’s mom looks after these children when Brittany and Rene have to be at the hospital with the youngest Paskemin family member.

Brittany said they haven’t being able to stay home for more than two weeks at a time. She is hoping that Vada will be continue to be stable and will be able to spend Christmas at home. Brittany mentioned what a big help her older children have been throughout this difficult time.

Brittany’s sister Fallon Paskemin decided to set up an online benefit auction to help the Paskemin family with the many expenses they have while not being able to work while caring for Vada. She also wanted her sister and brother in law to have a stress-free Christmas and not have to worry about any financial stress. 

If you would like to donate an item please find the online benefit auction for Vada Paskemin on Facebook where you will find instructions on how to be involved. The auction closes on Dec. 20. If you wish to make a cash donation, e-transfers can be sent to

Brittany had a few last words in her interview - asking people to get their flu shots.

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