Water Security Agency issues warning about doorstep water-testing kits

The Water Security Agency is drawing public attention to the business practices of private companies leaving “water testing kits” on people’s doorsteps.

According to a WSA press release, some residents across the province have been receiving these kits, which include a bottle and instructions for water testing. The instructions for taking a water sample are incorrect and the bottle provided does not appear to be sterilized. Residents should be cautious if they are encouraged to purchase water purification kits at the doorstep, the agency warns.

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“Public confidence in Saskatchewan’s drinking water systems is a core priority for WSA.  WSA partners with municipalities across Saskatchewan to ensure drinking water is safe, in accordance with national drinking water standards,” the release states.

“Rigorous and ongoing testing requirements are a condition of WSA’s permits of water systems.”

The public can see testing information for all WSA regulated waterworks at http://www.saskh2o.ca/MyDrinkingWater.asp.

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