Who’s smarter, humans or computers?

Students from Bready Elementary School and Battleford Central School were at Discovery Co-op Mall on Thursday, showing off their schoolwork. Students learned how to code and Donna DesRoches told the News-Optimist students had booths and computers showing games they made about things they learned in school.

DesRoches, formerly a library and technology consultant with the Living Sky School Division and a volunteer with Education Beyond Borders, said the exercise allowed students to explore how computers work.

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“I’ve gone into classrooms and asked [students], what’s smarter, a computer or a human being?”

Students would respond “a computer.”

The exercise “allows [students] to understand that they’re the ones who make the computer do [things] and it’s only as smart as they are,” DesRoches said.

Photos by Josh Greschner and Hamna Fatima

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