Nipawin examining how to use extra $633,000 from province

NIPAWIN — Nipawin is working to determine how it will use $633,000 in extra funding from the province.

The extra money comes from the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program, which aims to simulate the economic while boosting local infrastructure. The province announced on May 19 that they have dedicated $150 million to the program

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Senior staff at the Town of Nipawin are preparing a list of projects for council, said Barry Elliott, the town’s administrator, but little can be said at this time regarding what projects will be moved forward. Elliott said the list is a mix between new projects and projects that were previously shelved by council.

“We’ve got a bit of a list and some of the projects council has certainly been aware of from previous discussions. This is their opportunity coming up to think about how we want to approach those.”

The 14 broad infrastructure project categories provide a wide gamut of areas the town can cover, Elliott, and said, like all Saskatchewan communities, they have a long wish list of things they would like to do for town infrastructure improvements.

Elliott said they are currently working on preparing a list for council so that they can make an informed decision on what projects to tackle.

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