$3 million Zing windfall for Neilburg winner

Submitted by Sask Lotteries

Neilburg’s Terry Simon has a unique way of playing his Zing tickets. Rather than scratch the whole ticket, he’ll just scratch the bar code and then use the ticket checker in store to see if he’s a winner. “It just adds a bit of excitement,” he noted.

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He probably didn’t need to add much extra excitement to the Triple Millions ticket he played on May 17, though – when Simon went through his routine he was stunned to find that he was walking away $3 million richer!

“It blew me away,” recalled Simon. “I thought it was $3,000, which was nice, but then they told me it was $3 million, and I just said ‘…wow.’”

Simon immediately called his son while still at the store where he picked up the winning ticket – the Shell at 5635 44th Street on the Alberta side of Lloydminster.

“I told him ‘the farm’s paid for. I just won $3 million,’” laughed Simon. “And he said ‘wow’ – well…not ‘wow,’ but this is the PG version.”

 Simon already has some plans for his windfall. He’ll be splitting it up for his sons and grandchildren – “family’s a big thing,” he notes – and helping out a few people he knows who could use a hand. Beyond that, Simon’s plans don’t extend too much further than the lake.

“I’ll probably go fishing more. Maybe in a fancier boat…with a fancier truck,” he chuckled.

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