Buffalo Party has candidate in Cut Knife-Turtleford

The number of candidates now running provincially in Cut Knife-Turtleford is up to three.

Richard Nelson has confirmed that he is running for the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan in that constituency.

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Nelson told the News-Optimist he is officially nominated by the party. Their nominations for Cut Knife-Turtleford closed on Friday and he was confirmed as their candidate on the weekend.

He has also attended their platform candidates’ meeting and expects the party to release its platform during the first week of the campaign.

The Buffalo Party, led by Wade Sira, is the newly-formed party formerly known as WEXIT Saskatchewan. The party’s website indicates they plan to run in eight ridings in the province, but it is possible more could be added.

Nelson is no stranger to political runs, having twice run for contested federal Conservative nominations in recent years, but this time his name is set to be on an election ballot after he officially files with Elections Saskatchewan.

The Cut Knife-Turtleford seat has been held by incumbent Larry Doke of the Saskatchewan Party for the past two terms. Doke is not seeking re-election. The other candidates running so far are Ryan Domotor of the Saskatchewan Party and Matt Fedler of the New Democrats.

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