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This year, 2021, Good Friday morning saw the launch of a new tradition.  An actual wooden cross was lifted up and carried to specific locations in almost all the towns along Highway 26.  Starting in Meota the cross was transported by car to the next community. It was carried around Vawn, Edam, Mervin, Turtleford, Spruce Lake and St. Walburg. It was intended to go all the way to Loon Lake and Goodsoil, but seven out of nine towns was all that was possible given the time available and the distances.  This event was non-denominational and followed all the provincial guidelines for Covid. 

In Meota the walk started at Memorial Hill with 53 people in attendance. The scripture reading started with the story of Palm Sunday and Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. The prayer focused on the sacrifices the veterans made for our freedom. We also acknowledged the Indigenous people who are keepers of this land. We found out later that we had two believers from the Moosomin Reserve who came as representatives of their community.

From there we walked to the United Anglican Church and the story of Christ’s passion continued.  All the Bible readings were taken from the four Gospels and told the story of the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. In Meota the locations chosen were,  the R.M. Office, the Community Park, the Downtown, the Senior’s Housing and the Catholic Church. Every location had a reader who told the story of Christ’s life leading up to His death on the Cross.  After every reading a prayer was shared. The prayers all pertained to the location we were at. The men and women in local government, sports centres, senior centres, local businesses, fire and emergency medical services, as well as volunteers. Each reading was based on the scriptures that told the memorable journey of Christ leading up to the cross and each prayer was spoken together to lift up our communities to make them strong and vibrant. In Meota we ended the walk with the playing of the song “The Old Rugged Cross” being amplified out of the Catholic church doors!

This format was repeated in each village with numerous volunteers reading scriptures, leading prayers and then carrying the cross to the next location.  It was heartwarming to be together as the greater Christian community and we heard it was particularly exciting to see that Thunderchild had a large presence in Turtleford where they spoke a powerful prayer. 

We learned that “the ground is level at the foot of the cross. No one is too good to need Jesus, nor is anyone too sinful to be saved.  The ground is always level at the foot of the cross.” How true and what a wonderful way to commemorate the Easter weekend. Thanks to all the organizers, writers. readers and cross carriers for making the event an event worth repeating every year.

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