Donation goes toward Maymont playground

Maymont Central School is home to six different communities of students. Maymont, Radisson, Fielding, Sonningdale, Ruddell and Richard. As student numbers increase, so does the need for an updated playground as well as track elements. This year the School Community Council, staff and students set a goal, and took on the task to fundraise money to make this dream a reality. With the support of a $15,000 donation from the Richardson Foundation, the school is on target to achieving this goal. “We are a community-driven school that thrives on building relationships and it makes it that much more special that their values align with ours,” states the school in a news release. “Time and experience have helped shape our company, but it is our enduring relationships with generations of farmers, customers and the dedication of our employees that has helped us grow into the well-positioned and globally connected company we are today,” says the Richardson Foundation. The school says, “We thank the Richardson Foundation, as there will be many generations of children laughing, playing and building relationships on the new playground and track that you helped build.” Photo submitted

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