It’s National Wildlife Week


For over 70 years National Wildlife Week has been celebrated in Canada during the week of April 10, which was the birth date of Jack Miner, one of the country's early conservationists. It is timely to recognize National Wildlife Week (NWW) at this time of year when birds are returning and plants and animals are coming to life.

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The theme for NWW this year is One Person One Promise #DoMoreForWildlife. The theme recognizes that everyone can do something for wildlife. protecting habitat on our land, planting gardens and shrubs in our yards, building nest boxes, cleaning up garbage  and teaching children about the importance of wildlife.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation which sponsors NWW will shine a spotlight on a Canadian species each day of the week, its habitat and challenges.

Sunday, April 7 - North Atlantic Right Whale

Monday, April 8 – Caribou

Tuesday, April 9 - Monarch Butterfly  

Wednesday, April 10 - Barn Swallow

Thursday, April 11 - Chinook Salmon

Friday, April 12 - Freshwater Turtles

Saturday, April 13 - Humans

Saskatchewan has more species at risk than any other region of Canada. Collectively, we must work towards protecting habitat not only for species in trouble but more common species living in our communities. Remember we can all #DoMoreForWildlife.  Share how you have made the promise to #DoMoreForWildlife starting April 7 and continuing all year long. Sign up for more information at


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