Mother of four wins cash lotto

Janetta Breaton is the director of care at Goodwill Manor in Duck Lake and commutes daily from her residence in Prince Albert.

She also works at the Herb Bassett Centre long-term care facility.

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When she received the call from Anne Sitter, one of the Blaine Lake cash lotto organizers, she had to pull her vehicle over to the side of the road.

"When Anne told me I had won the grand prize, I screamed, then began to cry, exclaiming 'you have no idea what this means to me,'" explained Breaton, who is a mother of four.

"I was concerned if she was OK to drive home," commented Sitter. "She definitely was excited about the win."

Breaton arrived in Blaine Lake Oct. 25 with her daughter Courtney and friends in a white stretch limousine to collect her $100,000 grand prize. Breaton shared how her ticket purchase came about.

"I recall hearing on the CJWW radio station how there were only 1,800 tickets sold and I thought, my chances were good," explained Breaton. "Because I do not have credit cards, I stopped into Shoppers Drug Mart and purchased a $100 gift card which I then used to purchase a ticket."

Breaton proceeded to pull the receipt and card out of her purse and indicated she was keeping them as a memento.

So far, Breaton has purchased a new television, a laptop for her mother Pat Walker in Ontario and a laptop for each of her children CJ, Chris, Courtney and Cody. She has also planned a trip to Cuba with her children for Christmas.

Breaton 's vehicle drove its last mile Oct. 24 as it decided to relinquish its duties and suffered mechanical difficulties so, following her presentation in Blaine Lake, she and her friends, Michelle Cameron and Helga Brown, and Courtney and her friend Lindsay Dallman were travelling to Saskatoon to shop for a new vehicle and enjoy supper before heading back to Prince Albert.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all who supported the Blaine Lake Community Cash Lotto 2011!

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