New year, new faces and new ideas – Eagle Hills Multiple 4-H Club

By McKenna Mitchell and Keaten Osicki - Club Reporters

The Eagle Hills Multiple 4-H Club is excited for another great 4-H year.

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We have a number of new members and new families who are both new to our club and to the 4-H program. The returning members are ready to show the new members all the great opportunities that 4-H has to offer. There are currently 34 registered 4-H members with the Eagle Hills Multiple 4-H Club. Also, this year the 4-H members have some new ideas which involves the 4-H motto, “Learn to Do by Doing” and the four Hs.

The first general meeting was held Aug. 26. The members elected their member-based executive and one adult leader (general leader), discussed upcoming events and started to plan the 4-H year and what the members wanted to be involved in. The members are looking forward to the addition of new 4-H projects to our club. These include Canine, Rodeo, Going Green, STEM and Flower Arrangement. As a club, we are still delighted to be able to offer our Beef, Light Horse, Young Horse, Archery and Robotics Projects. The members and leaders are excited to be able to participate in a variety of projects that reflect our members’ interests. At this time, most of the projects have held at least one project meeting to discuss and participate in planned activities. The club is also focused on developing a different fundraising strategy as our major fundraiser is no longer available.

As with all great 4-H years, the club held a Start Up Party on Sept. 9. This is a wonderful way for members and families to get to know each other and discuss 4-H in an informal setting. We held a potluck supper followed by 4-H-themed activities and games in a school gym. Everyone had fun.

Due to a number of new members and also a great refresher for our returning members, our North West 4-H Regional Specialist, Kalynne Martin, instructed our 4-H members on how to operate their meetings based on parliamentary procedures. According to 4-H principles, all 4-H general meetings must be conducted using parliamentary procedures. The members were instructed on how to create a proper agenda, how to make motions, when to discuss the motion and their roles in the meeting. They learned how parliamentary procedure would allow a meeting to be conducted in an efficient manner and also this method allows the opportunity for every 4-H member to voice their opinion.

One of our senior 4-H members, McKenna Mitchell, will be travelling to Calgary on Dec. 1 to participate in the National Members Forum. The National Members Forum provides the opportunity for 4-H members from Canada to gather and discuss important topics that can have an impact on both 4-H and their own lives and community. This year they will be exploring ideas around service, community development, personal wellbeing and leadership development by focusing on knowing oneself and knowing others.

Our last major event in October was our annual Halloween party. This is a great time for members to get dressed up in their costumes, which reflect each of their own personalities. We held a potluck supper, competed in Halloween theme games, played activities in the gym and went through a creepy science lab. All the members enjoyed participating in great games and there were lots of laughs.

Going into both the months of November and December, our focus turns to giving back to our community. The members are preparing for our “Week of Caring” which has evolved into several events throughout the month of December. Keep an eye out for our members as they are in the community and embracing one of the 4 Hs. At each 4-H event, the members recite the 4-H pledge, which explains what each of the 4 Hs stand for. The H that we will be focused on is Health. “I pledge my health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.” Stay tuned for both pictures and details of from our Week of Caring.


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