Ray Mitsuing among nominees

Saskatchewan Horse Federation Hall of Fame

The Saskatchewan Horse Federation (SHF) has announced the five individuals and who will be inducted into the SHF Hall of Fame in 2020.

Among those being honoured is chuckwagon racing legend Raymond Mitsuing of Loon Lake.

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Mitsuing is unquestionably one of the legends in the sport of chuckwagon racing. He was among the top 10 in the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association standings for the last 12 years and is a three-time winner of the Prairie Racing Series Championship Trailer.

Mitsuing has more than 30 years of wagon racing and won the Canadian Championships seven times. He is a proud member of the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation, where he served as chief for 16 years. He also serves on the senate of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.

Mitsuing is known as a role model throughout the North American racing circuit as well as to many within his community.

Jean Bogner has been involved in Saskatchewan’s horse community for more than 80 years. As a child, she and her family were instrumental in promoting show jumping in Saskatchewan. She took part in the founding of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation in 1976 and also founded and led the 4-H horse club in her area.

Bogner and her family hosted the annual Bogner Trail Ride for 21 consecutive years. She established the Wheels & Saddles Club in 1982 and served as its president for 27 years, where she taught riding and driving safety and care of horses in her community.

Bogner developed her own Reference Book for Drivers and continues to serve as past president for the Wheels & Saddles Club.

Wayne Cozart (d. 2019) devoted most of his life to pursuits of horsemanship and volunteer activities throughout Saskatchewan. For 40 years, Cozart raised Percheron horses, and raised paint, quarter and miniature horses as well. He competed in horse shows all over the province and served on multiple organizing committees.

From 1980 until the present day, he was instrumental in organizing the heavy horse division of the Moose Jaw Hometown Fair. Cozart also led at least three different light horse 4-H clubs and helped form the Mini-Might Trail Riders Trail Group. He shared his passion and knowledge of horses through clinics and seminars as well as sleigh rides in his community each year at Christmas time.

Harold French (d. 1976) was an accomplished horseman who won numerous awards in six- and eight-horse hitch competitions across Saskatchewan, as well as at many national and international shows from Toronto to Vancouver and Washington State. French’s love of horses endured from a young age right into later life, from driving horse teams in the field, to skidding logs in the sawmills of The Pas, Man., to assembling a 24-horse hitch for the Pion-Era historical fair in Saskatoon. He shared his knowledge with schoolchildren and fans at all the shows he attended, speaking to the importance of horses in our history.

Elaine Partington (d. 2011) was a pioneer in establishing and growing equestrian sport in Saskatchewan. She was a longtime member of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation, the Hunter Jumper Association, Dressage Association, Saskatoon Pony Club and Saskatchewan 4-H. She owned and managed Ebon Stables Riding Centre in Saskatoon, where she hosted national, provincial and regional horse shows.

Partington developed and led a successful Canadian Warmblood breeding program that produced high-quality Saskatchewan horses across Canada and the United States. She was best known for her work as an inspirational riding and horsemanship coach who mentored a generation of young horsewomen and taught that riding lessons are also life lessons.

The Saskatchewan Horse Federation Hall of Fame was established in 2019 to honour and celebrate Saskatchewan residents and horses who have significantly contributed to the growth and awareness of the role horses play in the province’s culture, agriculture, industry and sport.



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