Unity businesswoman Saskatchewan Greenhouse Growers Association president

Tammy Lauinger, owner of Hollyhock’s Greenhouse is Unity, has been named the new president of the Saskatchewan Greenhouse Grower’s Association.

When we contacted Lauinger for an interview after seeing the news on social media, she chuckled saying, “This news is so new my own husband doesn’t even know about it yet.”:

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Lauinger was a sitting board member and was voted into the president’s chair Nov. 18. She reiterates that she has a lot of faith in the board.

“The SGGA board of directors is a wonderful group of problem solvers, and just being a part of that is an honour,” she says.

The SGGA has been working directly with the province on establishing COVID-19 precautions for the sector. Lauinger said this association was instrumental in greenhouses being able to open this growing season.

Greenhouses are considered an essential service in the province because they help with food security by supplying people with seeds and bedding plants to grow their own vegetables.

“We also provide [people with] a mental health outlet,” Lauinger said.

Growing gardens, flowers and plants by her customers contributed to stress reduction and as well as positive mental health, she says.

Lauinger says she was thankful that Saskatchewan greenhouses were able to stay open and even if some greenhouse operators were not part of the SGGA, they were able to reap the benefits. More than 100 greenhouses in Saskatchewan are part of the association.

“Online sales for greenhouses are currently growing as a result of the pandemic,” Lauinger observes

“The association has been providing information to greenhouse owners about how to sell products from their virtual stores and establish a presence on the internet. Greenhouses are seeing more sales as more people are staying close to home and taking up gardening, and growing their own vegetables.”

Lauinger explains Hollyhock’s Greenhouse is involved in many facets of the industry.

“We wholesale to other greenhouses, have a garden centre open to the public and have a store front and florist open year round.”

Hollyhock’s and Lauinger have been lauded for their community booster efforts for a variety of fundraisers, causes and charities, demonstrating her commitment to give back to the community. One local remarked, “Tammy’s commitment to her customers, and the wealth of knowledge she provides them, as well as community causes she undertakes will serve this board very well.”

Lauinger says operating Hollyhock’s have taught her many useful skills to bring to the board.

“I think the skills of balancing a busy home life with kids and activities has given me the tools to think on my feet, problem solve and support others without the need to take over. I am the type of boss that does not micro-manage. Of course I am also blessed with amazing staff, so being able to delegate efficiently is key to my success whether at home, work or committees.”

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