Wilkie surprise leaves heart-warming impression

There is no doubt we could all use a little uplifting this Christmas.

Wilkie resident, Tina Drummond, was just the person to spread some Christmas cheer as she was enlisted by the North Pole for a community Christmas cheer project.

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“I was at work when I had been thinking about how much life had changed this past year and the friends and family that were lost and how many activities had been curtailed due to COVID,” Drummond says.

“I felt like I wanted to do something to help lift spirits. I was inspired by a picture of an elf near my desk.”

In a moment of coincidence, a call came in from the North Pole asking if she was able to help spread some Christmas cheer in Wilkie.

She cites past experience in an Easter Bunny role as the reason she was enlisted for this duty. Drummond put on her best elf attire, but it’s a secret where the wardrobe came from. In complete elf-wear, complemented by a mask and observance of distancing protocols, Drummond made her way around Wilkie dropping off letters and treats.

“When you choose joy, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. And, when you do good, it reminds others of what joy feels like and it just might inspire others to do the same,” is the theme of one note.

There was also a note from this elf’s boss, Santa, which put out a Christmas challenge listing five good deeds to perform.

This elf was grateful to the local Co-op food store for donating candy canes that were distributed as part of this cheer project, as well as to a fellow resident who helped her copy the letter Santa gave her to distribute.

Drummond says she knew the mission to help people know they are loved and appreciated, regardless of age, was an important message that Santa wanted to help pass along and she was up for the task.

Drummond says she knows, from experience, it is better to share what you can while you can. She was thrilled to be part of this mission to spread some cheer and joy among the families of Wilkie. The smiles were the best part of her assignment, she says.

“If I happen to inspire others to spread some joy, then even better!”

It was a day full of smiles as word of this elf and the cheer she was spreading circulated. The community was thankful that Drummond set out on a cold winter’s day and are grateful for the simple gesture of cheer.


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