Regina resident counts his way to $100,000 Zing win

Submitted by Saskatchewan Lotteries

Raymond Mac Knott had to count the words on his ticket twice — and get a third count from a friend — before he realized that he’d won $100,000 on his Crossword Multiplier ticket.

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After that, he couldn’t stop counting.

“I thought I had eight words. I looked at the ticket a little later and saw that I had nine words,” he said. “Then I took a picture of it and sent it to my friend. He told me I had 10 words, which was a $100,000 win.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” he continued. “After I went to bed later that night, I kept waking up to count the words and make sure.”

Mac Knott doesn’t have any specific plans yet for his windfall, but did note that he plans to give a small gift to his word-counting friend as thanks.

“I’ll just have some mad money,” he said.

Mac Knott purchased his winning $5 Zing ticket at the 7-Eleven Food Store at 938 Victoria Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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