Top 10 bed bug cities list released for 2019

CNW - The highly anticipated Orkin Canada list of top bed bug cities is out. Similar to the past three years, larger cities and travel centres claimed the top spots. This past year saw significant bed bug sightings across the country, from infestations in federal buildings to private homes.In less than two decades, Cimex lectularius, better known as bed bugs, have gone from a rarely experienced irritant to a major problem thriving in clean and dirty homes alike.

Demonstrating the national prevalence of this growing problem, Canada’s largest pest control company has released its third annual list of top bed bug cities.  The findings by Orkin Canada are based on the number of commercial and residential bed bug treatments carried out by the company between the period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019.

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This year’s top ten bed bug cities are:

1. Toronto

2. Winnipeg

3. Vancouver

4. St. John's

5. Ottawa

6. Scarborough

7. Halifax

8. Oshawa

9. Sudbury

10. Hamilton

The only Saskatchewan city in the top 25 is Saskatoon, at 22.

The good news is, that there are solutions to this pesky problem and good ways to reduce the chances of an infestation with a little knowledge.

Bed bugs can be identified by noticing tiny dark coloured stains, cast skins or live bugs. The most effective places to look for bed bugs in on mattress tags and seams, under seat cushions, behind headboards, creases of drawers, buckling wallpaper and carpets.

Prevention of hitchhiking bed bugs from infecting your home can be achieved by:
careful examination of bags and clothing; drying potentially infested bed linens or clothing on the highest heat setting; and inspecting all second-hand furniture before bringing it into your home.

Contact a pest management professional immediately, if bed bugs are suspected.

Travelling Tips

Bed bugs are extremely efficient hitch hikers. They can move easily across a room and climb onto luggage or anything left on a bed in just one night. Below are some tips you may consider them while travelling.

Some things you can do to reduce the risk of picking up bed bugs as you travel include:

• Do not put your clothing or luggage directly on the bed. If bed bugs are present in the bed, they can climb into bags, suitcases or any laundry left on the bed.

• Use metal luggage racks at all times. Bed bugs cannot easily climb metal surfaces, so they make an ideal overnight spot for your suitcase. Keep the rack away from the walls and any wooden furniture.

• Use small plastic bags to pack clothing, shoes and other personal items. This will help prevent any bed bugs that climb into your suitcase from getting into your house with your clothing. Bed bugs can also hide in books, cloth toiletry kits and other non-metal personal items.

• Hotels aren’t the only bed bug travel threats. Bed bugs thrive in dark, cool places with long-term access to humans. They can also be found on airplane and train seats, buses or in rental cars. It’s rare but it is possible to pick up bed bugs in places like these.


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