What will we call the baby boom caused by the Covid-19 isolation?

Speculation on what couples may get up under weeks of the COVID-19 stay-at-home emergency has led to a new poll in the U.S. which, cheekily asked respondents "what will we call the baby boom caused by the Covid-19 lockdown?"

"The COVID-19 crisis feels like such a generation-defining event," Nick Pendle, co-founder of the sexual wellness app Lover, which tasked Ipsos eNation with conducting the poll, said in a recent press release. "The whole age group most shaped by it will need a collective name — and 'Generation C' feels the perfect choice for that too."

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Some of the choices proposed in the poll included: Quaranteenies, Generation Q, Coronials, Pandemials —but Generation C outscored the others in the national U.S. poll of 1,005 Americans.

“Generation C could go on to become also the name of an entire 15- or 20-year generation," says Nick Pendle, co-founder of Lover.

Respondents to Lover's poll picked their preferred name for the generation from a list of 10 suggestions:

Generation C topped the poll at 20 per cent

'Generation Q' was second with slightly fewer votes 'Quaranteenies' was third at 19 per cent

Coronials 12 per cent

Pandemials, 11 per cent

Covinnials got 6 per cent

Generation V 4 per cent

Covidials at 4 per cent

Epidemials and Virennials both had 2 per cent

"There is, however, only one name for the members of Generation C when they become teenagers," says Pendle, "and that, of course, is 'Quaranteens'."

Of course many of the names for generations that have gone before, like 'Boomers', 'Generation X' and 'Millenials' were more about different people and organizations throwing names out and seeing what sticks.

Only time will tell if babies born or conceived during the coronavirus pandemic will go on to become known as "Generation C."

Photo: Lover.io
Photo: Lover.io
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