Busting out of the Battlefords

Observations from Isolation


I went for a drive in the country on a recent weekend. It’s the first time I’ve left the boundaries of the Battlefords since the COVID-19 hammer fell in March.

My first observation as I began my journey to the Whitkow Hills was my need to get in touch with my optometrist. There are two reasons for that; the first one being the glasses I’ve had for the last couple of years started to disintegrate just about the time the edict to “stay home, stay home, stay home” was issued. The clinic was closed. The answering machine message offered no comfort.

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Fortunately I share my life with a guy who can fix anything. His ingenuity has saved me from a possible COVID-19 fashion trend of duct-tape spectacle repairs. They are on their last legs, literally, (they no longer fold up) and I really should do something about getting them replaced.

The second reason is my distance vision. It hasn’t really been tested driving back and forth between Battleford and North Battleford, but viewing the vast vista of the prairie landscape reminded me that my prescription could use a tune up.

While concentrating on clear focus, I was awed at the beauty around me. I am a died-in-the-wool prairie person and the opportunity to get out to enjoy the beauty of crops, bush and wildflowers was a salve to my soul.

My destination was the semi-rustic cabin of friends. It’s a getaway they have created on land on a prominence at the edge of farmland. It is an idyllic location featuring aspen groves, wild berry bushes, wildflowers and a large pond, which serves as a paddle boating locale in summer and a cross-country skiing destination in winter.

A pal has parked her fifth-wheel RV there for the summer and goes out occasionally to spend socially distanced quality time with friends. This weekend I was invited, nay “implored,” to join them. A tent was pitched and an air mattress inflated all in my honour.

Because of family circumstances, I spend a great deal of my time cooking for family members who are unable to do that for themselves. I’m happy to do it. I love cooking and I’ve been told I’m not terrible at it, but I was feeling in need of a break.

It was an amazing 24-hour getaway. I arrived with bedding, beverages and chicken wings. Other than that I was waited on hand and foot and made to feel like a total princess.

COVID-19 has altered our perspective and has created the mantra, “Cherish the simple things in life ‑‑ family, friends and laughter.” I experienced all during my escape from the Battlefords.


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