Double Vision

Kerry Volk

Kerry Volk - Double Vision

Kerry Volk is a return resident to the city of North Battleford and has been interested in writing since as far back as he can remember. Kerry grew up in the community, but left in 2000, and since has lived in places like Canmore, Brooks, Calgary and Edmonton, Alta. During his travels, he honed his writing skills at Medicine Hat College, SAIT and the University of Calgary. Kerry also worked in Alberta as an electrician, holds a Diploma in Journalism from SAIT and a Degree in Communications from the University of Calgary. He currently works as a marketing and event co-ordinator for Battlefords Tourism and is active in the community. Writing is his life and reading is a constant passion. A very easy person to buy a gift for, just give him a book. He looks forward to writing articles that are fun, enjoyable and with a bit of wit. Here’s to the written word.

  • The Myelin Sheath, Practice and Intelligence

    The brain is made up of white matter and grey matter. That grey matter is your neuron cell bodies, grey in colour. The white matter is myelin. Myelin is about 50 per cent of our brain and it exists. . .

    Kerry VolkMay 11, 2017

  • Making a good thing happen

    It’s the sponsors and the people who make the NB International Street Performer Festival happen. It’s the vendors, the performers, the visitors and the volunteers. Through the business community,. . .

    Kerry VolkMarch 13, 2017

  • True grit, Three Feet From Gold

    True grit is not just a movie starring John Wayne. It’s a modern term used to describe an ideal of not giving up. Having grit is having endurance towards long-term goals iagainst all odds. It is . . .

    Kerry VolkAugust 23, 2016

  • Eight keys to regaining motivation

    More often than not in the past, I had worked on jobsites with co-workers who claimed they had lost their motivation. In this fast-paced world where time waits for no man, it is not a convenience . . .

    Kerry VolkMay 12, 2016

  • Having a Growth Mindset

    By Kerry Volk Circumstances and decisions cause our lives to turn in new directions. Often these paths seem to be either good or bad for us. Depending on our perceptions, our interpretation of . . .

    Kerry VolkMarch 2, 2016

  • Being a part of the solution the easy way

    A certain amount of us can relate to childhood and adolescent lessons we may have carried forward into our adult years. A few important axioms are to respect our elders, we have to earn respect, it. . .

    Kerry VolkJanuary 23, 2016

  • Historic and ambitious

    Remember the 1990s when the environmental issue was a concern over the ever-growing hole in the ozone? It seems the issue has become somewhat of a distant memory. Aerosol sprays containing CFCs . . .

    Kerry VolkDecember 29, 2015

  • A is for effort: embracing the power of forced optimization

    Trial by fire, that’s what most people call it. We learn by doing and often the only way to get caught up in the trap of having to do something is signing up before we are really ready. It tends to. . .

    Kerry VolkDecember 2, 2015

  • Accomplishing goals using Parkinson’s Law

    There is a good chance we all want to set goals, start projects, have dreams and accomplish them in a timely and efficient fashion. This is where Parkinson’s Law comes in to play and knowing its . . .

    Kerry VolkOctober 29, 2015

  • Getting excited to vote

    Being harped on that your vote matters is a lot of pressure, especially for a large number of us who don’t exactly get hyped when it comes to politics or the political process. Often, it’s a bit of. . .

    Kerry VolkSeptember 28, 2015

  • Should we share our goals?

    It’s amazing the time we live in, especially with the type of technology that gives us radio programs to be listened to at any time we decide. Everything is more convenient than it used to be and . . .

    Kerry VolkSeptember 1, 2015

  • Digging deeper and finding understanding

    It’s been a strange adventure to move back to my home town after 15 years of being away, but it’s even stranger to come back to a tight knit community and hear about this Crime Severity Index . . .

    Kerry VolkJuly 27, 2015

  • A Diamond in the not so rough

    The sun is shining and people are roaming about. There is a slight buzz in the air as conversation carries on like a light frequency. This is a slight hum. It could be called electric, but it flows. . .

    Kerry VolkJune 18, 2015

  • Persistence hunting and the endurance running hypothesis — the first way we hunted

    With spring in the air, summer approaching and the Canadian geese flying overhead it might be difficult for some of us not to ponder the history of hunting. Guns are the predominant weapon of . . .

    Kerry VolkMay 20, 2015

  • Local bank manager wins first place in Saskatoon public speaking contest

    In April, RBC branch manager Thomas Sullivan travelled to Saskatoon to compete in a public speaking competition. He placed first in a District E Evaluation Contest, competing on behalf of the . . .

    Kerry VolkApril 27, 2015

  • Are mental shortcuts good or bad? A brief examination of heuristics

    Our brain takes shortcuts. These mental shortcuts are necessary to solve complex problems at quick rates and allow us to function efficiently, but may lead to errors. Mental shortcuts are called . . .

    Kerry VolkApril 23, 2015

  • The physics of the very small

    Computers, electronics and technology are an interesting part of our daily lives, and often involve aspects of the very small — the unseen, the infinitesimal. We live in a world where these unseen . . .

    Kerry VolkMarch 19, 2015

  • The ghost of February past

    Mostly known for Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day, with February mostly behind us it makes for a perfect time to consider what this past month has meant, both traditionally and historically. With . . .

    Kerry VolkFebruary 20, 2015

  • New Year’s Resolutions and the marshmallow kids

    We are both highly intelligent and at the same time hindered by our biological drives towards pleasure seeking and pain avoidance. In this time of New Year’s resolutions, keeping promises to . . .

    Kerry VolkJanuary 26, 2015

  • A horse-drawn Christmas

    Once we arrived at the stables at the Jasper Park Lodge, the horses were unloaded one by one. Immediately, I was put in charge of sweeping the snow off the wagons and told to put the black cushion . . .

    Kerry VolkJanuary 21, 2015

  • A horse-drawn Christmas

    It was late at night, no one was awake. I was by myself on a couch with earbuds in my ears, iPhone in my hands and Netflix playing an episode of the X-Files on the tiny screen. The blinds are . . .

    Kerry VolkJanuary 13, 2015

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