From fear to faith

Linda Wegner


For those of you, my readers, who are not acquainted with the Upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, we live in a relatively small but isolated community. It’s beautiful almost beyond description with ocean views out front of our home and lush forests behind us. As an added bonus, we’re technically accessible only by plane or by boat. Yes, people drive up from the Vancouver mainland or cross over from Vancouver Island but both those options require several ferry trips. Why do I say all this? Simply to explain why I’ve felt relatively immune to a lot of things, including COVID-19; I’ve enjoyed a mostly relaxed attitude of safety and I put that down to faith.

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Unexpectedly hearing that perhaps our community had been affected/infected instantly changed my upcoming plans along with my complacent attitude. Perhaps we weren’t immune after all; perhaps, my circumstance-inspired faith wasn’t valid. I quickly realized that fear threatened to overcome my emotions. Circumstances now dominated faith.

I know I’m not alone in wrestling with feelings during this time and I freely confess that. The reason I’m writing this story, however, is to share the realization that in some matters I was basing my trust in what was going on around me rather than in what God has promised. No, He hasn’t promised immunity from trouble but He has promised to be with us in every part of our life. Let’s allow faith to rise from the ashes of fear as we proclaim with the psalmist David, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.” (Psalm 56:3, 11)

No one knew better than David, what it meant to live with the spectre of death but neither did anyone else know more the comforting presence brought about by his deep faith in God.

So can we. Amen.

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