Keep your eyes on the goal

Linda’s Lines

It was while cutting heavy brown paper to wrap around a parcel destined to another province that I realized the truth that I wanted to share in this week’s offering. That truth comes from a most simple action. You see, for years the simple task of cutting paper the right size usually resulted in a hunk far too long on one side and, usually, too short on the other. Unless I got a ruler and drew a line, the results were rarely what I’d envisioned.

Years ago someone (can’t even remember who) encouraged me to look at the place I wanted to end up rather than trying to navigate my cutting edge by keeping my eyes on where the scissors were. Bingo! It worked and now I simply make a mark at the edge of the paper and as I cut, I keep my eyes on that. I can’t say I never goof up but nearly all the time I stay right on track. That simple approach has saved me a lot of frustration, wasted paper, and … well, I won’t say what else.

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Lately I’ve been richly blessed as I’ve listened to a daily broadcast by Chuck Swindoll. In a series titled, ‘Laugh Again’ he points out that none of us is perfect but the important thing is that we keep moving forward in our Christian walk. Keeping our eyes on Christ rather than on those places where we’ve failed in the past or on selfish ambitions we aim for in the future, is the ultimate solution to frustration and a too frequent feeling of condemnation or discouragement. Keeping our eyes on Him provides peace that comes from growing without grovelling and guidance without guilt. Sure, we’ll fail at times but joy will prevail over discouragement.

“Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith …”



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