Learning to count

I still remember the thrill I felt when our children and then our grandchildren proudly spouted: “One, two, three … seven, eight, nine, ten.” Since we are officially bilingual in Canada, all three of them also touted “Un, deux, trois….”

Because I admit I often think outside the box or on topics that aren’t always common, I’ll tell you that lately I’ve been musing on numbers. While there are approximately 6,500 different languages in the world, according to online sources we all use the same numerical symbols and values.

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During this time of COVID lockdowns, it’s hard to look ahead and say with confidence, “in so many hours or days I’ll be ….” In reality, it is a fantasy. Mundane things such as having lunch with a friend, having tea or coffee in my favourite shop or doing more than grocery shopping have suddenly become illusive desires. Even counting days has become more of a dream than a reality. Seems the early morning questions for both Hubby and me centre around, “What day is it?”

While enumerating blessings does seem hard these weeks, it’s important that we look around us for reasons for thanksgiving, including reasons and things we too often take for granted.

“Teach us [Make us know] ·how short our lives really are [ to count our days] so that we may be wise [ gain a wise heart].” (Psalm 90:12 – EXB)

And as the songwriter penned: “Count your blessings, name them one by one … count your many blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings, see what God has done.”

I’m far from alone in attempting to gain wisdom while bemoaning the days to come before this epidemic is over but may God help each of us to learn to count well.

Count good things. Count friends and professionals offering help. Above all, thank Him!

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