Leko’s Conservation Corner

Lindsey Leko

Lindsey Leko

Ministry of Environment conservation officer Lindsey Leko has spent more than 26 years as a conservation officer in Saskatchewan. For many years, Officer Leko contributed a column to local papers on a variety of issues related to hunting, fishing, and other resource-related issues. If you have questions, please contact lindsey.leko@gov.sk.ca.

  • Hunting unprotected wildlife, what’s ‘fair game’ and what isn’t

    Today’s column offers examples of wildlife that may be hunted in Saskatchewan without a licence. Wildlife as defined under The Wildlife Act, 1998 means a vertebrate animal of any species, . . .

    Lindsey LekoDecember 4, 2018

  • Hunting from a boat

    After putting out a request on social media, I received questions from hunters that I hope to answer over my next few columns. Today, I am going to discuss the rules around hunting from a boat . . .

    Lindsey LekoNovember 5, 2018

  • Saskatchewan’s diverse species at risk

    We often concentrate on our most popular species of fish, wildlife and plant in these columns. In Saskatchewan, there are 67 fish species, 414 bird species and 91 mammal species. I am not even . . .

    Lindsey LekoSeptember 20, 2018

  • Hunting season is here

    Recently, I slipped into Cabela’s on a weekend and noticed that most people were browsing in the firearms, ammunition and clothing areas, compared to May when everyone was in the fishing section.. . .

    Lindsey LekoSeptember 18, 2018

  • Booze, boats and bears

    Summer is half over and hopefully you have had a chance to get out and enjoy some holidays. Our family did some camping and we are looking forward to another trip to Greenwater Lake Provincial Park. . .

    Lindsey LekoAugust 17, 2018

  • Walleye fishing a popular sport, but it takes skill

    Walleye is by far Saskatchewan’s most popular sport fish. People come from all over North America to catch walleye in our province’s clean cool waters. Some of the best walleye fishing can be found. . .

    Lindsey LekoJuly 18, 2018

  • The scoop on poop

    In today’s feature, I am going to really change things up and if you are reading this at the supper table, I suggest you put the paper down until after you have digested your meal. Today’s theme . . .

    Lindsey LekoJune 3, 2018

  • Big game draw entrants steadily increasing

    Seeing that it is May, I thought it would be a good time to do a column on Saskatchewan’s big game draw. The province’s draw system dates back to 1958 when the province’s elk populations were . . .

    Lindsey LekoMay 18, 2018

  • Litter bugs and snakes

    Spring is finally here. As the temperature starts to get warmer and the snow has disappeared, it unfortunately shows much of the litter and garbage that was dumped over the winter. For some reason . . .

    Lindsey LekoMay 17, 2018