Songs in the night

According to articles published by two Canadian news agencies I found the following information: Canada is the third most sleep-deprived country, tied with the United States. (Global News 2012)

From the second source a 2017 CTV news article titled “Five shocking habits about Canadians sleeping patterns”: half of us have trouble getting to sleep; about a third of us aren’t getting enough sleep; of those who do sleep, only half find the sleep refreshing. Not only that, but apparently, we’re getting even less sleep than we did a decade ago. The last “fact” says that women sleep longer than men. Hmm, not sure about that one.

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Also of interest, though not surprising, much sleep deprivation can be attributed to too much screen time; we’re tied to computers and smartphones, to name just two distractions.

Though the reasons cited above rank high in the cause of sleep deprivation, who of us hasn’t lain awake at night concerned about our children, health issues, financial struggles or a multitude of other things? To be added to that list, at least for the Psalmist David, was the matter of broken commitments and sinful actions. This man of God, trusted and in a position of leadership, allowed himself to be drawn into an act of adultery that forever tainted his reputation and, I’m sure, disturbed his ability to sleep. When confronted, he confessed his sin and though he lived with its consequences, his song returned.

“Yet the Lord will command his mercy in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me….” Psalm 42:8

Whatever the reason for our distress, He’s there to give songs in the night.

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