Thanksgiving 2018

For us Canadians, an October weekend is our traditional time to celebrate around turkey, yams and pumpkin pie. For other of my readers who mark the same event in November, Thanksgiving weekend will soon be here. Whatever the time of year you or your people mark this special time of harvest and whatever the foods laid out upon the table, I invite you join with us in expressing gratitude for all the good things we enjoy.

My goal in this week’s offering is to provide a few glimpses into the positive things we enjoy. First, as politically nasty as it gets, we still can give thanks for freedom and the right to vote. Then, as much as we face the very real challenge of pollution and climate change, I never tire of looking out the kitchen and office windows of our home to view the Pacific Ocean. I’m also thankful to be writing this after enjoying a breakfast of homemade bread and home-processed applesauce.

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Tomorrow we’re looking forward to celebrating with some of our family, a great source of thanksgiving for me because I find loneliness to be one of the most challenging emotions. Even if you don’t, may I suggest that whether you’ve already feasted or are preparing the meal for tomorrow’s or next month’s event, perhaps think of someone who might love to be included in celebrations. Here are just a few suggestions: Newcomers to the community (note, in some small communities, any time short of near lifetime-residency labels you a “newcomer”); seniors whose families have moved or close friends have passed away; or, new folks in your church or organization who might not have been remembered in those guest lists.

I agree that it’s sometimes hard to display thanksgiving but let’s determine to never stop trying.

“Therefore, I will give thanks.” (Psalm 18:49)

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