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Murray Mandryk

Murray Mandryk

Murray Mandryk has been a journalist for 38 years and has covered Saskatchewan politics since 1983 - the last 28 years as the polticidal columnist for the Regina Leader-Post and Saskatoon StarPhoenix. A former national newspaper award winner, Mandryk grew up on a mixed farming operation near Grandview, Man. An avid sports enthusiast and want-to-be carpenter, Mandryk is the father of three teenagers in high school and university. He lives in Regina with two kids still at home, two dogs and rabbit.

  • Carbon tax still doesn’t change things

    Even when it comes to issues as complex as climate change and the carbon tax, there usually is a bottom line. And that bottom line is driven by common sense. So here’s the common sense in the . . .

    Murray MandrykOctober 29, 2018

  • Legalized pot more of a future problem

    So marijuana became legal in Canada last week. It likely hasn’t changed your life much. Most people (an estimated 85 per cent) have either never smoked pot or smoked only on an experimental . . .

    Murray MandrykOctober 22, 2018

  • No government should ever be condemned for focusing on jobs.

    Jobs represent the well-being of constituents, which should be the foremost concern of any local elected official. But jobs are also something that fall within the jurisdiction of local . . .

    Murray MandrykOctober 15, 2018

  • Pro-residential school ad a sad affair

    It’s irritating that politicians or third-party groups think people can be easily manipulated. About the only thing as irritating is that there will always be a few people —no matter where they . . .

    Murray MandrykOctober 1, 2018

  • Better job focus should be a priority

    It’s not exactly fair to say politicians have the wrong priorities. Politicians’ priorities are generally focused on what the people need. However, they tend to be a combination of not only . . .

    Murray MandrykSeptember 16, 2018

  • Politicians wrong to pick Trump over Trudeau on trade

    There’s little we can do about the trade problems at the international level that are so critical to us. The best we can hope for is that these problems are not made worse at the national or even. . .

    Murray MandrykSeptember 10, 2018

  • Agriculture, highways ministers guaranteed success

    David Marit will be a successful Saskatchewan Party government agriculture minister. This assessment has little to do with the quality of this individual appointed agriculture minister earlier . . .

    Murray MandrykAugust 27, 2018

  • Politicians need wise moderation

    This steaming hot summer seems a good time to discuss moderation in politics. Like the weather, our politics has also become overheated. This is not to say politicians shouldn’t have strong . . .

    Murray MandrykAugust 13, 2018

  • We are owed more GTH explanations

    Let us be clear it is a good thing the RCMP is not laying criminal charges in the Global Transportation Hub fiasco. Certainly, it is a great thing for the Saskatchewan Party government, whose . . .

    Murray MandrykAugust 6, 2018

  • Rural crime stats a wakeup call

    There may yet be some good coming out of the recent rather bad rural Saskatchewan crime statistics. One bad aspect is the healthy kick to the ego and the prideful notion rural Saskatchewan is a . . .

    Murray MandrykJuly 30, 2018

  • West must always stand up for itself

    It is not easy for others in this vast nation to fully understand the problems of its vast prairie region. Generally, it’s seen as the place one needs to get through to go somewhere else nicer or. . .

    Murray MandrykJuly 19, 2018

  • Greyhound decision signifies a changing world

    We can all agree that the end of Greyhound bus service on the prairies is a tragic loss. We should agree this was a business decision unfortunately based on changing times and changing economies.. . .

    Murray MandrykJuly 16, 2018

  • Best to understand why teepees are there

    Why there are teepees on the lawn across from the legislature in Regina is likely a more important question than why the teepees are still there. After having at least one teepee there for nearly. . .

    Murray MandrykJuly 9, 2018

  • Equalization: Quebec’s advantage a complex problem

    Premier Scott Moe’s position on equalization has tongues wagging. This is likely a good thing, because equalization tends to be one of those important, but dense and boring issues we choose to . . .

    Murray MandrykJuly 2, 2018

  • Sask. Party isn’t winning on rural population growth

    There are ample reasons why rural Saskatchewan will overwhelmingly support the Saskatchewan Party when the next election rolls around in 2020. Sometimes voting patterns can be a matter of habit. . . .

    Murray MandrykJune 25, 2018

  • Most politicians stand tall on tariffs

    You can’t blame people for tuning out of politics because of the sneaky, self-serving and mealy-mouthed way politicians sometimes do things. But maybe part of the problem is we don’t give enough . . .

    Murray MandrykJune 18, 2018

  • Put politics aside in trade war

    In a commodity-trading province like Saskatchewan, no one should have to be reminded of the importance of trade, especially, trade with the United States, with whom we do the most business. . . .

    Murray MandrykJune 11, 2018

  • Moe’s direction still unclear

    The last nine months have turned into a long journey for Premier Scott Moe. The question now is: Where does he go from here? Perhaps he doesn’t have to go too far. Prior to entering the . . .

    Murray MandrykJune 1, 2018

  • GTH reveals worst in old Sask. Party gov’t

    The problem with old governments is they don’t take criticism as seriously as they should. This may seem an odd observation from someone who has also observed in this space that governments — . . .

    Murray MandrykMay 24, 2018

  • NDP leader Meili appears to have tougher task

    It would seem counter intuitive, but the job of Opposition leader in Saskatchewan may now be a lot harder than the job of premier. That shouldn’t make any sense because the premier bears . . .

    Murray MandrykMay 15, 2018

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