Time to give thanks

Linda Wegner

If ever we’d had an unusual Thanksgiving holiday weekend, it was this year. While we traditionally celebrated with three families (son and family, nephew and his wife and Hubby and I), this year the meals were spread out over the weekend. As wonderfully delicious as ever, it just seemed so odd to be restricted in this way.

Although the traditional Thanksgiving weekend was over several weeks ago, I’m still musing over the blessings in our lives. A little picture posted above my computer screen (unknown number of years ago?) says it all:

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“A bird does not sing because it has an answer but because it has a song.” (Chinese proverb).

If anyone claims to have the answers to what’s going on in our world right now, I suspect there’s an ulterior motive or some misguided information involved. There’s just one thing that I do know for sure, though: God is still in control and He doesn’t have to and certainly doesn’t always, let us in on His agenda. When it comes to end-times, apocalyptic or otherwise, I don’t have answers, but I do have a song.

“My Jesus knows just what I need ….” (Mosie Lister)

Not only does He know what I, you, and every “we” reading this needs, He is there to grant us peace and to supply our needs. That’s cause enough for a song.

I wrote last week about the loneliness that can and often does accompany grey skies but again, these too shall pass. As I was reading my Bible one day, this short prayer popped out at me and I related to David’s cry. Although He was talking about physical enemies, his prayer to God spoke encouragement to my heart. The good news is that it is applicable no matter what our challenge!

“I am Yours, save me!” (Psalm 119:94 NLT)


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